The landscape is changing. Technologies come and go. Stick with the old or chase the bleeding edge? We can help guide you through the noise.

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About Our Company

Created Informed is a creative agency passionate about all things digital. Our work is focused on delightful experiences on the web and mobile. We are headquartered in East London, with a network of professionals to rely on spanning UK, Europe and South America.

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Our Services

Web/App Development

We are experienced in Android, iOS, web, server and desktop development. We support any modern tech stack and language, including React.JS, React Native, Redux, Node.js, Sails.js, Java, Android, Swift, iOS, Python, Django, MongoDB, MariaDB, Docker, AWS and Google Cloud Platform.


Need help getting your own team up to speed? No problem! We can help you with any area of software delivery, with a specific focus on these:

  • Software architecture design
  • Framework evaluation and selection
  • Agile delivery (Scrum, Kanban)
  • Continuous delivery
  • Automated testing
  • Cloud services
  • Project management


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Meet the Team




Lauri Auronen

Founder / Director

Lauri is a long-term tech enthusiast, entrepreneur, software architect, developer and an agile aficionado. He has over a decade of experience consulting and managing projects for large financial sector clients. Lauri wrote his first piece of software in 1986. When he is not running the company or out consulting, he likes to relax by practising parkour and doing a spot of bouldering.

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