Buddy Bash

Buddy Bash is a physics-based multiplayer 2D platformer fighting game that combines parkour moves and firearms into a cute, yet brutal, cocktail of friendly competitive fun! Buddy Bash is available for PC and Mac on Steam.

Buddy Bash on Steam



    Every fight plays differently while you use momentum to inflict maximum damage on your opponent(s)


    Bash your opponent into a wall or into the ground hard enough and you’ll see them fly through it. Or just use a bazooka.


    Developed by parkour enthusiasts, the moves of your fighter are inspired by real life parkour movement

  • NEON!

    Enjoy the visual spectacle of your martial artists in the glow of 80s(tm) inspired neon lights

  • 2 TO 4 PLAYERS!

    Gather a group of friends on a coach to see who bashes their buddies the best!


    Play with your online friends using Steam Remote Play!


Buddy Bash on Steam

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